"Specially trained and certified

with long experience"

Medical Technology

Transporting and installing sensitive and expensive medical equipment places extremely stringent requirements on competence as well as on equipment.


Not only is it a substantial challenge to get heavy and cumbersome equipment transported and delivered to the exactly correct place. Frequently, the equipment must also be installed and, then, with extreme precision and high quality.  Of course, everything must be finished by the agreed time.


Our technical team for medical technology has 10-years' experience of transporting and installing advanced medical equipment at clinics and hospitals throughout Sweden.


We know what's needed and what to do.


Our technicians are specially trained and certified with experience of many different types of specialist medical equipment.


Examples of examination equipment we often work with include computer tomography (CT), scintillation cameras, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), conventional X-ray and ultrasound.


With the help of our customer portal, you can follow your order all the way from when it is placed to delivery.





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