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At our configuration centres, we unpack, assemble and preconfigure all types of technical equipment prior to its delivery.


We use standardised processes and procedures that guarantee that everything will be assembled and configured exactly as agreed and ordered. The least deviation is logged and handled at once.


Letting us preconfigure the equipment prior to delivery has many advantages for both our client and the end customer. The lead times from ordering to complete delivery can be shortened considerably at the same time as any defects in the equipment are detected and remedied long before they affect the customer.


The fact that we transport the equipment ready assembled and without packaging to the customer also means that there is no packaging to be disposed of left behind at the customer's.

 We can also help with commissioning and training in connection with the delivery. Thus, our client does not need to send his own technicians to the customer. This saves time and money.


If used equipment is to be reused, for example at a new customer, we can help with its reconditioning. We perform functional tests and then service the equipment according to a test protocol and ensure that everything is whole and clean before it dispatched once again.


To simplify the work with installation and commissioning at the customer's, we have the possibility to preconfigure the equipment while it is with us. Examples of preconfiguration may include upgrading firmware, configuring IP addresses, setting machine names, entering e-mail details and activating password protection.

MFP - Multi Functional Printer

Without doubt, the product we handle the largest volumes of are MFP machines.

Thousands of MFPs have passed through our hands over the years. We have solid experience and handle all brands and models without problem.

Brands we work with:



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