"Our transport services are the hub of our business"


Our transport services are the hub of our business.


Today, we have a nationwide transport network with our own terminals in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. This gives us the possibility along the whole route, from start to finish, to keep complete control of all goods and assure the quality of the transport.
Our fleet is also built and specially adapted to provide reliable and secure transport of all types of fragile and valuable goods. Special fittings, air suspension, climate controlled loading spaces, quick response alarms, lane change cameras and global positioning systems are just a few examples of the equipment on our vehicles.


Tech Trans delivers to the assigned location, wherever the geographical location.

We deliver to all imaginable environments. Hospitals, banks, public authorities, offices, industries, mines. We have the experience and skills to manage all types of assignments

Of course, everything is reported via our PDAs and, as our customer, you can follow everything via our customer portal.

We see the opportunities and solve the task



    Every weekday, we carry out local transport assignments in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Västerås, Örebro and Uppsala.


    These involve both assignments in the towns as well as deliveries and collections that will travel to and from the rest of Sweden.
    It is the norm for these types of transports to be timetabled, for example, to meet a technician on-site at the customer.


    Using scheduled combined loading routes, we deliver and collect goods from across the whole of Sweden.


    The route Stockholm - Gothenburg, is served by us with night traffic, which means we can load on one day and deliver the day after.


    We also carry out local assignments in all the towns we pass.


    Using our courier transport service, you can charter a goods vehicle especially equipped for your particular assignment and needs.

    The vehicle is ready for loading at the agreed time and then drives directly to the delivery address as quickly and safely as possible

    Where necessary, we can also use two drivers. This may be needed to increase the security or to shorten the transport time between towns far apart.

    Of course, our vehicles are equipped with quick response alarms and global positioning systems, giving you the option to follow the transport in real time.

    We carry out courier transports throughout Europe.


    We move all types of IT equipment quickly and safely.


    This could involve complete PC workplaces and printers, in connection with an office relocation, or the move of server racks and complete computer halls.


    We have the competence, equipment and vehicles for moving all equipment securely and safely, even without packaging.


With the help of our customer portal, you can follow your order all the way from when it is placed to delivery.





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